Renewable Cogen Globe

Energy, Environment and Climate Change Solutions

RCG Policies

  • Energy Policy

    All our Advisory Board Members/employees/experts will use as minimum electricity as possible, promoting energy efficiency in lighting, household and office appliances to conserve all energy resources for future generation. We will be fully committed for the capacity addition of renewable and clean energy power plants around the globe.

  • Environment Policy

    All our Advisory Board Members/employees/experts vow to conserve the eco-system and not to undertake any activity that would cause further degradation of our ecosystem, in which people, animals and plants live. We will follow ‘reduce, re-use and recycle’ concept wherever possible. In all our projects and operations, we will take possible steps to reduce the adverse impact to environment. Equally, we vow to encourage our clients and partners to move towards this and to educate younger generation to commit to ‘reduce, re-use and recycle’ concept along with minimising carbon footprint.

  • Climate Change Policy

    All our Advisory Board Members/employees/experts will take necessary initiatives to reduce the adversity of climate change in all possible aspects. We stand committed to sensitise as many as possible to support the efforts of governments, UN, other international organisation and private sector units to bring down the negative impact of global climate change.

  • Gender Policy

    We are fully committed to support women empowerment. Gender equality will be practised in all aspects of our operations. For our training/capacity building activities, we will give priority to women, so that they come forward and actively progress in their professional careers. We give priority to the growth, development and well-being of our women as we believe that empowering women is enriching a society.

  • Sustainability Policy

    All our plans and actions will follow a holistic approach aiming at a sustainable situation in which our use of natural resources, necessary for the continuation of life, is in balance with the ability of nature to replenish them sustainably. Our employees are encouraged to carpool or use public transport to reduce pollution. Our Advisory Board Members/employees/experts have set the purpose of business under the guiding principles of sustainability. We believe environmental, economic and social activities and performances are interrelated and each will make an impact on the other. Our approach is to deliver a self-sustaining society.

  • Employee Policy

    We are committed to the growth, development and well-being of our workforce. We believe happy employees can contribute much more to the clients, organisation as well as the society. Hence, we focus more on their happy and comfortable working environment which enhances their productivity. For our women employees, we create a customized flexible working system so that they are able to balance work and family happily.

  • Social Responsibility

    All our Advisory Board Members/employees/experts working around the globe will be socially responsible to uplift the lives around us ensuring the harmony and peace on Mother Earth respecting diverse cultures, religions, etc.