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a) Recent Projects

  • World Bank Head Quarters, Washington DC

    Assessment of GHG accounting methodologies, their application in all sectors of economy and capacity building.

  • UNDP project in Afghanistan including site works in Kabul with various Ministries

    a) Design of renewable energy Country Level Action Plan and b) RE Environmental Management System

  • European Union, Belgium

    National energy scenario analysis and renewable energy strategies for Iraq, Afghanistan, China, Pakistan, Srilanka, India and Bangladesh.

  • World Bank project in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and Ethiopia

    Regional household biogas programme for greenhouse gas emission reduction and due diligence of the programme

  • World Bank Project with Ministry of Industry and Trade in Vietnam

    Design of national industrial Energy Efficiency Scheme for GHG Emission Reduction and Carbon Trading under New Market Mechanism

  • The World Bank project with IDCOL, Bangladesh

    Due diligence of the programme which includes solar home systems, improved cooks stoves, solar mini-grids and solar irrigation pumps

  • UNIDO Head Quarters, Austria

    Restoration of degraded ecosystems through clean energy services, climate change mitigation and improved agro-business value chain for Chad

  • GGGI and AEP, Thailand

    Improving the efficiency of MRV system in Building and Industrial sectors for climate change mitigation

  • Champamati Hydo Electric Project, India

    Designing carbon trading system for 4 MW hydro project in Assam

  • The World Bank with Ministry of Finance, Egypt

    Energy Efficiency in urban transport system

  • UNFCCC, Germany

    Evaluation of various renewable energy technologies and recommendations to methodological panel on additionality consideration

  • The World Bank with Ministry of Energy in Tanzania

    Eight hydro-electric power plant projects with carbon trading

b) Other news

  • New Funding Secured for Urgent Environmental Action

    Visit UNFCCC

  • IRENA’s World Energy Transitions Outlook Re-Writes Energy Narrative for a Net Zero World

    Visit IRENA

  • Renewable energy sector in India gets USD 70 billion investment in 7 years

    Visit ET Energy World

  • Edinburgh Airport to build solar farm next to runway

    Visit BBC News

International Events

  • 16 Aug

    Solar PV World Expo (Exhibition)

    Guangzhou, China

    16-18 August 2021

  • 24 Oct

    25th World Energy Congress

    St Petersburg, Russian Federation

    24-27 October 2021

  • 31 Oct

    UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26)

    Glasgow, UK

    31 Oct -12 Nov 2021

  • 11 Nov

    LUMO - Energy Reimagined

    Christchurch, New Zealand

    11 Nov 2021

  • 16 Nov

    Smart City Expo World Congress

    Barcelona, Spain

    16-18 November 2021

  • 05 Jan

    International Conference on Environmental Science and Development

    Frankfurt, Germany

    04-05 Jan 2022

  • 07 Jan

    International Conference on Environmental Sustainability

    Tokyo, Japan

    07-08 Jan 2022

  • 25 Jan

    Recycling Solutions

    Moscow, Russia

    25-28 Jan 2022

  • 26 Jan

    Bio360 Expo

    Nantes, France

    26-27 Jan 2022

  • 11 Mar

    International Conference on Environmental Security and Climate Change

    Miami, United States

    11-12 Mar 2022

  • 15 Mar

    International Conference on Renewable Energy and Environmental Sustainability

    London, United Kingdom

    15-16 Mar 2022

  • 04 May

    Smart Energy Conference & Exhibition

    Sydney, Australia

    04-05 May 2022

  • 02 Aug

    E-World of Energy 2022

    Essen, Germany

    02-04 Aug 2022