Renewable Cogen Globe

Energy, Environment and Climate Change Solutions

Advisory Board Members

The RCG Centre for EECC is guided and supported by an Advisory Board constituting around 20 members from different parts of the world with wide range of calibres. They are successful leaders/achievers in their fields of expertise/business. They have established their own reputation through hard work and dedication. They are fully determined to serve the world in order to make it a better place to live in for everyone including the future generations.

The Advisory Board Members are located in different cities and countries possessing proven excellence such as:

  • industry think tanks/influencers
  • deep administrative/policy/regulatory insights
  • demonstrated industrial knowledge & professional reputation
  • global market expertise
  • eminent qualifications
  • successful business/social leadership
  • long term associations/partnerships
  • mastery in sectors of
    • 1.Renewable and clean energy
    • 2.Environment
    • 3.Climate change
    • 4.Project development/financing
    • 5.Country programme design
    • 6.Energy efficiency
    • 7.Carbon footprint
    • 8.Sustainability reporting
    • 9.MSW management
    • 10.Sustainable development
    • 11.Business solutions
    • 12.IT solutions
    • 13.Training/capacity building
    • 14.Social responsibility

Based on request from the members of Advisory Board, their identity is not published in order to protect their privacy.