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Offset Business Carbon Footprint

Offset Your Emissions Today With RCG Projects

Reduce your business emissions as much as possible using RCG CFP Reduction Guidelines. What you cannot reduce, you can offset.

1. RCG Tree Planting Projects

Trees absorb large amount of carbon dioxide from our atmosphere especially during their initial growth stage. It is one of the important offset activities that is also quick, cost effective and delivers immediate climate benefit. We have many tree planting projects in several locations in the developing countries. To compensate carbon emissions from your business through our tree planting projects, contact us.

2. RCG Renewable Energy Projects

Renewable energy (solar PV, small hydro, biogas, wind, etc.) generation and its applications of different types and sizes reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Depending on the volume of your business emissions and budget, several least cost options are available in the developing countries. You can choose any such RCG Renewable Energy Project to offset your business emissions. For more details, contact us.

3. RCG Energy Efficiency Projects

Every unit of energy saved leads to avoidance of carbon dioxide emissions to our atmosphere. You can choose from our range of energy efficiency projects to offset your carbon footprint. RCG projects in developing countries offer the advantage of high impact but low-cost offsets to achieve your climate action targets. For more details, contact us.

4. Other Unique RCG Projects

We have several other unique projects in different locations in the developing countries across different project categories. You can choose from projects such as ocean conservation, lake conservation, river conservation, wildlife preservation, species preservation, etc. For more details, contact us.

5. Carbon Credit Schemes

There are a number of proven international carbon credit mechanisms available to purchase carbon credits and offset your emissions which RCG can facilitate. For more details, contact us.