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Frequently asked questions

  • Q1. Is there a standard module for each training programme?

    No. Our training programmes are tailor-made need-based programs designed for each individual/group after assessing the background, experience, knowledge level, purpose, etc. of the participants.

  • Q2. Can we choose the title for our training programme?

    Yes. Depending on the duration of the training programme, the participants can choose the name of the training programme from the focus areas given in the Training page. Maximum of three areas can be chosen for long duration courses. For e.g., “Two Year Interactive Training programme on Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development”. For very short duration courses (less than a month), the certificate title will be the course title.

  • Q3. Can the participants opt for more than 24 courses for the two-year interactive training programme?

    Yes, they can. However, the score sheet will be issued for only 24 courses. For the additional courses attended, a separate certificate will be issued mentioning the list of all the additional courses attended.

  • Q4. Can the participant request for a different course title, which are not listed in EECC RCA website?

    Yes, if relevant courses are completed.

  • Q5. Can one participant attend two or more courses at the same time?


  • Q6. Is there any professional on-site skill development course available for the corporates?


  • Q7. Can an educational organization request for training to their students, staff or faculties?


  • Q8. How will you assess the knowledge level, background, etc. of the participants?

    We will study the CVs and other relevant information from the participants. We will also have on-line discussion with them to understand their level of knowledge, background, etc.

  • Q9. What is the fee for the training programme?

    Fee depends on the duration of the training programme, participant groups, country of origin, chosen courses, type of training, level of training requirements, etc. Special offers will be available for bigger groups.

  • Q10. Is the training programme fee same for all participants?

    No. Participants from developing countries will get discounts. Also, women and participants from LDCs, Small Island Developing States, etc. will get additional discounts.

  • Q11. What is the group offer for the training programmes?

    It depends upon various factors like the number of participants in the group, type of participants, their needs for the training programme, country of origin, duration of training programme, list of courses chosen, etc. At any given point of time, only limited number of participants are allowed to participate in the training programme in order to ensure the best training quality and individual follow up.

  • Q12. What is the payment terms for the training programmes?

    Depends on the duration.

  • Q13. How will the group discussion be conducted for the on-line programme?

    Most appropriate option will be chosen based on mutual convenience.

  • Q14. How oral examinations will be conducted?

    On-line, at mutually agreed date and time.

  • Q15. What is the minimum score required for pass?

    Minimum 5 out of 10 (minimum 50%)

  • Q16. What if the group participants miss one session of the classes?

    They can contact the other group members to catch up on the session contents.

  • Q17. Do the student trainees get a score/mark sheet for the list of courses completed along with the certificate?

    Yes. All the student participants will receive a score card mentioning the list of all the courses completed along with the training certificate.

  • Q18. What kind of certificate is issued for non-student participants?

    For participants like government ministries/officials, corporates, green entrepreneurs/business owners, company directors/shareholders, start-up companies, etc., a certificate mentioning the list of courses completed will be issued along with the course completion certificate.

  • Q19. If the participant discontinues in the middle, is it possible to continue after a break or gap?

    Yes. Minimum fee may be applicable. Maximum 2 years applicable.

  • Q20. Can the student participant attend any internship programme during the course?

    Will be considered based on the merit of the student.

  • Q21. Can the authenticity of the certificate be verified?

    The verifier can send email to, mentioning the certificate ID No. given at the bottom of the certificate for easy identification. Our Training Manger will check the details of the candidate from our database system and reply accordingly.

  • Q22. Do we have a choice of training programme to suit our available time to attend the courses, such as sometimes one month, two months, one year or two year?

    Yes. The participants can choose the training programmes accordingly, for few days, few weeks, few months, one year or two years. Start dates of our training programmes are flexible and are available throughout the year. Our long term training programmes ranging from one month to two years will be offered on-line. Short term training programmes with less than two weeks will be offered on-line/personal/on-site, etc., as per the requirements and convenience of the participants.

  • Q23. In a particular course, if a student’s performance is not satisfactory, will the student be allowed to reappear?

    Yes. Minimal additional fee may apply.

  • Q24. While doing a course, if the participants want to switch over to other course, it is possible?

    Yes. Minimal additional fee may apply.

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